Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For all the CS Engineers out there…

We all know that the Lord Rama has been addressed by different names
like Janakirama, Kalyanarama, Anantharama etc.
Likewise, Krishna have different names like Gopal akrishna, Ananthakrishna etc.

One day, our Ancestors were thinking how to refer to all those names in an easy way.

You all know that our ancestors
were pioneers in mathematics. With their mathematical knowledge, they found a concept called ARRAY.
They decided to put all names of Rama in an array called RAMA and all  names of Krishna in an array called KRISHNA ................. ... ...

From then on they start referring them as "ARRAY RAMA ARRAY KRISHNA"


That's the reason why ISKCON sings that shloka and distributes that pamphlet to make ur prayers easy..


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